Toyota New Corolla Altis 2014

The Toyota Corolla is a compact four-door sedan that’s one of the best selling cars available. With a redesign due for 2014.

All-New-Toyota-Altis-2014-Thai-01 novo-toyota-corolla-2014-europeu-11

The Corolla can be credited with changing the American viewpoint of small cars, picking up the pieces for Volkswagen in gaining popularity among compact and reliable cars. the Corolla Altis is a premium and stylish sedan car from the company’s portfolio which has a good position amidst competition in the market. The 10th generation Corolla Altis was launched here in the country way back in the year 2008 and, after such a long span, we finally would get a chance to witness its next generation in the coming year.

Over its lifetime, the Corolla has gone from rear-wheel drive to front-wheel drive, and the lineup has encompassed sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, wagons, even fastbacks. But throughout its life, it’s kept its reputation intact. Two to three years after Toyota’s unintended acceleration fiasco of 2010, the company’s reputation has largely recovered and consumers are continuing to buy the existing, aged Corolla despite what are now clear deficiencies against a new and much tougher set of competitors. For the first two years of its latest generation, the Corolla was sold in luxurious XLE trim, which included better interior appointments–albeit at a higher price. Also for those years, an XRS version of the Corolla offered the Camry’s engine, a 2.4-liter, under the hood for much quicker performance. In more recent years the ‘S’ trim has offered some of that model’s appearance, but at a more affordable price. For 2013, the Corolla saw only the most minor of feature changes.

toyota-corolla-altis-2014-1 all-new-toyota-corolla-altis-2014-euro-04

Many other models over the years have also, formally or informally, been part of the Corolla family (the Matrix and Tercel are two), and the Corolla has been sold by GM dealerships through some years mainly the late ’80s through the ’90s—as the Chevrolet Nova, Chevrolet Prizm, or Geo Prizm. This past decade, the Matrix and Pontiac Vibe are closely related to the Corolla. rear-wheel-drive Corollas actually continued in sport-coupe form until 1987, but by then sedans had the front-wheel-drive layout that maintain today. Over time, the 1.6-liter four has been expanded to a 1.8-liter, and the optional three-speed automatic got four speeds, but the Corolla hasn’t grown that much larger.



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